Loretta Bates MasterClass 2022

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Due to covid19 regulations not all information below may be accurate at the time, but since its still in the future we will update this information closer to the event, so make sure you visit back for the latest information.



Everything you want to know about our Zumba Master Class Nederland


questions related to tickets

Which tickets are there available:

Early Bird Ticket (Limited Available for a short period)
Standard Ticket

What is the difference of these tickets:

The Earlybird ticket is for those who sign up early to our Zumba Master Class. This ticket is LIMITED and only available for the first 150 early bird tickets. Once they are sold you can only buy the Standard ticket.

What if I want to buy more as one ticket ?

You can order 1 to a maximum of 5 tickets at the same time, you will however only receive one ‘ticket’ with a payment code, i.e. if you buy a 5 ticket version you can print it 5 times ; once 5 people with the same payment code have entered the master class the code will be invalidated. We prefer you enter as one group though.

I made a payment and the website said the payment was correct, but i did not receive an email, what now? 

In the unfortunate event you did not receive your email with the ticket, please first make sure the email did not end up in your spam folder, if it is also not there use our contact form to connect with us, leave your name and email address exactly as you did during the order so we can look in our systems what did happen. We get it sorted out for you.

My payment is not accepted, what now?

We are sorry to hear your payment did not get through to us, we are using a payment provider to handle our payments, sometimes a technical issue may be the cause, this is easy to resolve by re-trying again in an hour. If the payments keep being refused please let us know by using the contact form and we will try to see what is causing the trouble and if needed arrange an alternative way of paying.

Is your website secure to handle my payments ?

Our website is very secure, we use SSL for all transactions and the payments are NOT stored or handled on our servers but on the servers of our Payment processor which is PCI-DSS level 1 certified.

What can I expect this year ?

If you did miss our on the first 2 events you should expect a great experience with 90 minutes of master class with Loretta Bates with lots of energy, lots zumba friends, and tons of fun. If you can grab the early bird ticket to save yourself some money and a chance of a VIP treatment. 

And there is more, shortly after we sold out all the early bird tickets we got the idea to add a belly dance workshop before the Zumba event, and what you know, we did it ! so everyone who has a ticket will be invited to the belly dance event as well, check out the latest details and make sure you check back often or at least just before the event so you are up to date with all the latest news. 

Check the schedule here.


So why only Loretta Bates this year?

Organizing and bringing people over from the states is an expensive endevour and then we are not even talking about the strange times we all experienced the past 2 years and the risks. We managed to keep the costs lower as the last event (yeah!) but we will have the party with the Zumba Queen Loretta Bates as we did the first year. Which most of you know was a fantastic and energetic event !


Where  will this event take place?

Address of location:

Tennishal Eindhoven-Noord
Vijfkamplaan 10
5624 EB   Eindhoven
The Netherlands

The New and Updated schedule for the day:

11.30am doors open
1pm start Belly Dance 
1.45pm break
2.15pm start MC part one
3pm break
3.30pm start MC part two
4.15pm group picture
4.30pm end of the event

Can I park my Car or Helicopter:

There is a large free parking lot. While the parking lot is quite large we do not believe you can or are allowed to land with your helicopter, we kindly refer you to Eindhoven Airport which is less then 15 minutes drive from our location 😉

So I can come by Plane too ?

If you wish, a lot of cheap flights are available from different cities in Europe to Eindhoven Airport. Check out the website of Eindhoven Airport here

Okay, What about Public Transportation?

Yes there is a bus stop very close to the location, you have to take the bus from Eindhoven Central Station.

the 405 and 406 drive together a 7,5 minute schedule, so every 7,5 minute there will be a bus.

Bus line: 405 Direction: Achtse Barrier
Bus line: 406 Direction: Son Ekkersrijt

Exit for both lines is at Bus stop:
Bushalte Sportpark Eindhoven Noord

More information about travelling by bus in Eindhoven you can find here: https://www.hermes.nl/

I want to stay over in Eindhoven, is there a Hotel you recommend ?

For those who are interested we had contact with the Holiday Inn hotel (4 stars) in the center of Eindhoven, very close to the train station. Double bedroom €114 includes breakfast. (single €104) per room (inc fitness and swimming pool access). If you need more information please use the contact form to contact us.


Zumba Master Class Nederland

Zumba Master Class Nederland


Things you may need.

Due to covid19 regulations not all information below may be accurate at the time, but since its still in the future we will update this information closer to the event, so make sure you visit back for the latest information.

Are there changing rooms available?

Yes you can put your awesome Zumba gear on before the master class starts.

Are there showers we can use?

The facility have shower-rooms available, but remember there may be a lot of people attending the master class, we can’t guarantee you have hot water.

Are drinks provided ? 

The Canteen at the Sports Hall is opened for this occasion, you may buy a refreshing drink here. 

Is there something to eat? 

The Canteen at the Sports Hall is opened for this occasion, you may buy a energy boosting snack here.

Are there lockers available?

There are a few lockers available but not nearly enough for the amount of visitors we expect, so please take care of your personal belongings.


My question is not answered

So my question is not answered in this extensive long and tiring FAQ what now?

Ask us, yes that easy, just click at the right hand top on the ‘Contact’ menu and leave us a message with your question.


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