Loretta Bates MasterClass 2022

  VOL. 3



Read below about the Belly Dance addition to the Event.

11.30am doors open
1pm start Belly Dance (45 min)*

1.45pm break (60 min)

2.45pm start MC part one  (45 min)
3.30pm break (15 min max)
3.45pm start MC part two (45 min)
4.30pm group picture

4.45pm end of the event


*) ThE Belly Dance event is added for everyone with a ticket for the Masterclass (regular or early bird) at no additional cost to you. there is an option for donations.




Breaking News

Okay grab your belly dance skirt and come and dance with Loretta Bates. I’m so proud to tell you this…

Prior to the 90 min Master Class, Loretta will do something super unique…
She will do a 45 min Belly dance session.

Loretta teaches belly dance for years now and every country she visits where belly dance is danced, she picks up skills from all the different cultures. It is that what makes her classes unique. A diversity of techniques and moves, makes this class approachable for everyone… Not just a dance class, but one heck of a workout as well…

So how much for this awesome extra class you ask me? NOTHING, I invite you to this unique experience, which I’m convinced, you will remember for the rest of your life…

We want create an event with a special atmosphere, not too crowded and a possibility for everyone to dance on stage with Loretta. As expected, tickets are selling fast, realize we have a limited amount of spots. The early bird tickets were sold out within a week. Make sure you don’t miss out on the most spectacular zumba event of 2022 and buy your tickets now!

Some of you ask me if they can donate to chip in for the extra belly dance class, I’m very grateful for that… So for those who want to donate, it’s totally voluntary, you can use this button…

Thank you for your support, Danielle

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